How often should you change cat litter?

Cats are an important member of the family, and keeping them clean and healthy is definitely something that every cat owner should pay attention to. Cat litter is an indispensable part of cats’ daily life, and its choice and use will definitely have a profound impact on the health of cats and the environment. So how often should cat litter be changed? What are the different types and characteristics of cat litter? This article will provide you with detailed answers and provide detailed information on cat litter.

How often should you change cat litter?

What are the different types of cat litter?

Choosing the right cat litter is the key to maintaining cat hygiene. The common types of cat litter on the market are mainly the following 5 types:

  1. Mineral litter:

This is a starter kit for cat raising, the price is cheap, and the feel is liked by most cats. It has a strong ability to wrap up waste, but it is easy to produce dust and is inconvenient to handle.

  1. Soybean litter:

It is easy to be decomposed by the environment, but the price is high. The ingredients are natural and cats are not afraid of accidental ingestion. The particles are fine and the wrapping speed is fast, and the odor removal ability is also particularly strong. It can also be directly flushed into the toilet for treatment.

  1. Wood chip litter:

Made from natural wood chips, the wrapping effect is good, and it can effectively control the smell of waste. However, wood chip litter is easy to get wet and is more troublesome to clean.

  1. Paper litter:

Paper litter is made from recycled paper, which is more environmentally friendly and very easy to clean and dispose of. Due to its light weight, its absorption ability is not strong, and it is easy to leave dust.

  1. Crystal litter:

It is made of artificial silica gel and can effectively prevent the growth of bacteria, but the price is relatively expensive. The ability to absorb odor is relatively poor, and it is also difficult to be decomposed by the environment. If the cat in the family accidentally ingests it, it may be dangerous.

What are the characteristics of cat litter?

Different types of cat litter also have different characteristics. Understanding these characteristics can help pet owners choose the most suitable cat litter products for their cats.

  1. Water absorption

Water absorption is one of the indicators to evaluate the quality of cat litter. Cat litter with good water absorption can quickly absorb the cat’s waste, keep the cat litter box dry, and reduce odor.

  1. Lumping

Good lumping cat litter can quickly form lumps after absorbing water, which is convenient for pet owners to clean up and helps to keep the cat litter box clean and extend the service life of the cat litter.

  1. Low dust

Some types of cat litter will produce a lot of dust during use, which is very harmful to the respiratory health of cats and pet owners. Low-dust cat litter can effectively reduce dust and take care of the health of cats.

  1. Odor control

High-quality cat litter should have good odor control ability, which can cover up the unpleasant smell of waste and maintain the air quality of the home environment.

When to change cat litter?

The time to change cat litter can be determined according to the type of cat litter chosen, the number of cats used, and the usage status. It is recommended to thoroughly change the cat litter at least once every 2-3 weeks, and the cleaning frequency and cat litter replacement time can be determined according to the amount of urine lumps and waste in the cat litter box every day.

How to choose the right cat litter?

To choose the right cat litter for the cat master at home, you can refer to the following 3 factors:

  1. Cat’s preference

Cats have different preferences and habits for different types of cat litter. Some cats like the delicate texture, while others prefer the feel of wood chip litter. You can observe the habits of the cats at home and choose the cat litter with the highest acceptance rate to definitely improve the usage rate.

  1. Owner’s needs

The lifestyle and needs of the pet owner will also affect the choice of cat litter. If you want to reduce the cleaning frequency, you can choose tofu cat litter and wood chip cat litter with good water absorption and odor control ability.

  1. Home environment

If there are children or family members with sensitive respiratory systems at home, you can choose tofu cat litter and crystal cat litter with lower dust content. In addition, considering the cat’s activity range, you can also choose cat litter that is not easy to take out of the cat litter box to keep the home clean.

Tofu Cat litter 4 in 1001
Tofu Cat litter 4 in 1001
Toufu cat litter
Toufu cat litter

How much cat litter should I add at a time?

The amount of cat litter you should add at a time can be adjusted according to the cat’s usage and the size of the litter box. Generally, it should be around 5cm high. This will provide enough absorption while not causing too much litter to spill out and make a mess.

Best Cat Litter Recommendation: Pawsitive Time 90% Fiber Silk Tofu Litter

Feegle Pet 90% Fiber Silk Tofu Litter is made with natural sisal extract, which not only reduces ammonia content but also inhibits bacterial growth. It also uses FSMA-certified natural pea fiber, so you don’t have to worry about your cat accidentally ingesting it and getting sick. The unique high-pressure steam technology makes it 3 times more compact than other cat litters on the market, which solves the dust problem perfectly and eliminates the risk of respiratory problems for all family members. The sisal formula also doubles the deodorizing effect, and the addition of natural guar gum allows it to dissolve quickly in water in just 1 minute. Simply flush it down the toilet for easy cleaning.

Key features:

  • Reduces ammonia content and inhibits bacterial growth
  • Made with natural pea fiber, safe for accidental ingestion
  • Unique high-pressure steam technology makes it 3 times more compact and reduces dust
  • Sisal formula doubles the deodorizing effect
  • Natural guar gum allows it to dissolve quickly in water
  • Flushable down the toilet


  • Keeps your cat’s litter box clean and odor-free
  • Safe for your cat and your family
  • Easy to clean and dispose of

Overall, Feegle Pet 90% Fiber Silk Tofu Litter is an excellent choice for cat owners who are looking for a high-quality, safe, and easy-to-use litter.

Additional tips for choosing cat litter

  • Consider your cat’s preferences. Some cats prefer fine-grained litter, while others prefer larger granules.
  • Think about your budget. Cat litter can range in price from very affordable to quite expensive.
  • Choose a litter that is easy to clean. Some litters clump better than others, which makes them easier to scoop out of the litter box.
  • Consider your home environment. If you have small children or pets other than cats, you may want to choose a dust-free litter.
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