Hometown of Pet Food

In 2017, Nanhe was named the “Hometown of Pet Food in China” by the Pet Industry Committee of the China Association for the Promotion of International Agricultural Cooperation.

Our Story

Nanhe District, Xingtai City, Hebei is a traditional area of agricultural livestock and poultry feed, with rich resources such as food and livestock and poultry breeding. Under the leadership of the government, the region has vigorously developed the pet food industry. At present, it has more than 40 large -scale manufacturers, accounting for 60%of the national market share, and is known as the “hometown of Chinese pet food”.

hometown of Chinese pet food

Nanhe Pet Food Factory

Nanhe became “China’s pet food township”, there are unique advantages, but also its unique insight into the consumer market trend.
Located at the eastern foot of Taihang Mountains, Nanhe District of Xingtai City, Hebei Province, a thousand-year-old county, has been recorded in history for its affluent agriculture, and has been known as the “grain warehouse of the south of the city”. With fertile soil, abundant water resources and developed agriculture, it is a national high-quality wheat production area and livestock and poultry feed processing base.

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Why Choose Us

Build a world of pet love and food



Detailed observation and comparative experiments are another way for us to deepen our understanding of dogs and cats. The company established its own dog and cat breeding base and accumulated authoritative dog and cat knowledge. There are 25 breeds of dogs and 20 breeds of cats living in the company’s Dog and Cat Research Center. Through in-depth research and observation of these dogs and cats, the company can improve the understanding of dogs and cats from different perspectives, and at the same time let people understand nutrition. Important for dogs and cats.



The company adopts internationally advanced production equipment, a complete quality control mechanism, and strict requirements in all aspects from raw material purchase, formula design, and production technology to ensure the safety of every grain of food leaving the factory. Love pets wisely, know how to meet them, and use ingenuity to let pets all over the world enjoy healthy and delicious food!



The company uses 1.5%-2% of its sales as special funds for research and development every year. In August 2008, it established a pet testing base, which has grown from the initial few dozen dogs and cats to the current pet testing base of more than 1,300 dogs and cats.
At present, it has formed a multi-category product line of dry food, wet food, prescription food, health products, snacks and other categories.

Our Factory

Production of beloved food love pets

China Dog Cat Pet Food Factory

Feegle Pet Food currently has more than 350 employees, including more than 60 engineers and technicians. the pet snacks production and development base of more than 30,000 square meters, and 20,000 square meters of pet food production and development base. It has 6 world’s leading automatic production lines such as completed pet staple food, canned pet food and pet snacks.

Company research and development center and pet experiment base, set the animal nutrition scholars, veterinary and pet feeding experts, combined with USA AAFCO standards and NRC standards, using modern biological research technology, using Australia, the United States, Peru and other imported high-end raw materials, with the local pollution-free natural granary corn, wheat, soybean, sorghum, carefully create a high nutrition balanced pet staple food, canned pet food, pet snacks and other more than three hundred pet food series.