How do I feed my cat’s freeze-dried staple food?

Nowadays, more and more parents are paying attention to their furkids’ diets and the importance of freeze-dried cat food, but they don’t know what freeze-dried cat food is. But they don’t know what freeze-dried cat food is, whether freeze-dried cat food can be used as a staple food or not. But they don’t know what freeze-dried cat food is, whether it can be used as a staple food or not, and how to choose it.

In this article, we are going to analyze your cat’s freeze-dried staple food! In addition to telling you how to eat freeze-dried cat food, we will also tell you how to choose freeze-dried cat food. and “How to choose freeze-dried cat food? The most important thing is “The Best Popular Freeze-Dried Cat Foods Unboxing Recommendation”!

Let’s take a look at some of the most popular freeze-dried cat food, so that parents can understand more about freeze-dried cat food and find the most suitable freeze-dried cat food for each owner! Check it out now!

How to let cats eat freeze-dried cat food?

How to let cats eat freeze-dried cat food?

There are three common ways to eat cat freeze-dried food, namely, with staple food, directly, and with water. You can try different ways to find out your cat’s favorite way to eat it.

The first way: Eating it with staple food

Some cats are particularly fond of cat food, or they usually have a fixed can of cat food. Adding freeze-dried cat food at this time will make the original staple food fragrant, improve its palatability and make it more nutritious and balanced, which is a better choice than snacks!

For example, if your cat is a picky eater, it’s a good idea to add freeze-dried cat food to your cat’s staple food to increase your cat’s desire to eat!

The second method: Eat it directly

The second method is to eat it directly as a staple food or as a snack. Many cats love the crispy and fluffy texture of the jellybeans.

Compared to snacks with many other additives, freeze-dried fresh food is a prototype food that can be eaten directly after pouring out, which is a natural, nutritious and convenient food!

Third method: Add water to reduce

In addition to eating it directly, you can also add water to make the freeze-dried food return to its real meaty state. Most of the freeze-dried food will be soaked in a 1:1 ratio, and you can also add some health food to make sure that your cat will love it and eat it all right away!

What’s the best way to choose your cat’s freeze-dried food?

What's the best way to choose your cat's freeze-dried food?

Meet AAFCO Standards

The most important thing is that your cat’s freeze-dried food meets AAFCO standards! If it is AAFCO or NRC certified, it means that the product basically meets the basic nutritional requirements of babies!

AAFCO is the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO), which publishes pet food labeling regulations and manages the sale and distribution of pet food and medicines. AAFCO is not an official organization of the U.S. government, but a private organization made up of feed manufacturers!

Animal Protein & Vitamins, Taurine, or Not

Cats are carnivores, so animal protein is of course the first thing they need! You can pay attention to the ingredient label of the freeze-dried staple food to see if the first item is animal protein.

In addition, you should also pay attention to whether or not vitamins and taurine, two essential nutrients for cats, have been added to it before it can be used as a staple food.

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