How to identify a biting dog?

Why dogs bite and how to identify a dog that bites.



Many people don’t know why they are bitten by dogs even if they do nothing. So today I’m going to tell you why dogs bite, and teach you how to identify biting dogs and avoid biting dogs in time!

Why do dogs bite people?

Why do dogs bite people?

The first reason why dogs bite people is the dog’s own protective instinct. Because when a dog sees someone trying to invade its territory or attack its owner, the dog will instinctively develop a protective heart, and therefore bite people.

The second is that the owner has improperly trained the dog. It may be because the owner gave the dog a wrong consciousness when raising the dog. For example, the dog bites the owner’s hand without resisting, likes to pounce on people, etc., which may cause the dog to bite people.

The third is that dogs have been subjected to cold violence and hunger for a long time. Due to the imbalance of their physical and mental development, they are afraid of people, so they often bite people in self-defense.

The fourth is the dog’s food protection instinct. If you take away food from it or deny it food while it is eating, the dog will think that you want its food and will attack you.

The fifth is that the dog has rabies. At this time, the dog is unconscious and can easily bite people.

Signs a dog is about to bite

Signs a dog is about to bite

If you want to avoid being bitten by a dog, you must know the signs that a dog is about to bite, so that you can avoid biting dogs.

When you see a dog lowering its head, raising the hair on its back, and making a low growl, it means that the dog is warning you that if you continue to approach it, it may attack immediately.

In addition, when the dog’s ears are stuck back, its tail is between its legs, and it is growling or screaming at you, it means that it is scared at this time, and if you approach it at this time, it will also attack you.

Finally, if you see the dog grinning and angry lines appearing on its nose, this is also a sign that the dog wants to bite, so be sure not to get close.

How to identify a biting dog?

How to identify a biting dog?

When the dog is 3-6 months old, it happens to be in the teething period. At this time, the dog will definitely bite, but as long as the pet owner prepares chewing gum, molar sticks, teething snacks, etc. for the dog, the dog can be solved. The biting problem is not a big problem.

But if you put your hand in the cage when you buy a dog, and the dog comes close to you, licks your fingers, and picks it up, it will not bite you. That dog will not bite you when it grows up. On the contrary, if If your dog keeps biting your hand, it means that he will bite people when he grows up.

You can also try giving your dog the food he likes to eat. If the dog goes to eat it immediately, it means he is still very well-behaved. However, if the dog waits for you to leave and then picks it back up to eat, it means the dog may have hidden problems behind his back when he grows up. people.

You can also pull the dog’s tail or ears. If the dog has a fierce look in its eyes and the hair on its back stands straight, it is likely to become a fierce dog in the future and may bite people when it grows up.

How to prevent your dog from biting?

How to prevent your dog from biting?

Dog biting not only endangers the lives of other people, but also causes great losses to pet owners, and may also lead to lawsuits. Therefore, if you want to prevent dogs from biting people, pet owners must give their dogs a The dog should be on a leash, and it is best to wear an anti-biting muzzle on the dog.

In this way, the dog will not easily hurt others, which is also what a civilized poop shoveler should do.

In addition to keeping their dogs from biting, pet owners should also pay attention to their dogs’ diet. After all, diseases come from the mouth, and if your dog doesn’t eat well, his health will deteriorate.

Therefore, you must choose high-quality and nutritious dog food for your dog. But how to choose good dog food for your dog, I will not go into details here. If you need it, you can click the link below.