Golden Retrievers

These five are the first choices for novice dog owners



Nowadays, more and more novice dog owners want to join the “dog family”, but they are still worried about what kind of dog to raise? Which kind of dog has strong disease resistance and is easy to raise?

Type 1: Bichon Frize

Bichon Frize

The Bichon Frize is a human marshmallow, so cute and loves to play tricks on its owners. It is friendly to people, is affectionate to everyone it sees, and likes to stick to its owner the most.

People who have raised Bichon Frizees say that this puppy is really good. There is no need to worry about daily feeding. They have good appetite, good health, obey discipline, and have no pressure at all.

Type 2: golden retriever

Golden Retrievers

Golden Retrievers are popular lovers, with high values, high IQ, friendly to people, very enthusiastic and good physique. A good choice for first-time dog owners.

The only bad thing is that hair loss is serious, and commercial food with a large amount of oil and salt can easily lead to rough hair and malnutrition, so it is better to choose some natural dog food with high meat content.

Type 3: Corgi


Cute in appearance, with short legs and fat buttocks, lively personality, good health, not picky about food, and will eat anything. Apart from hair loss and lumbar spine, it is really not difficult to raise.

Type 4: Teddy


The purchase price and raising cost of Teddy are not high. Basically, anyone can raise a Teddy, and it does not shed hair, which is great news to many people. It is also in good health and is not prone to illness. However, Teddy’s hair fades easily, so you should ensure a light diet, preferably low-salt dog food.

The fifth type: Chinese pastoral dog

Chinese pastoral dog

Chinese garden dogs are our native dogs, mostly found in rural areas, where people can use them to look after homes and nursing homes. However, local dogs are generally easy to raise, highly adaptable, gentle in character, not prone to aggressive attacks on humans, very loyal, and not prone to illness. Even if they are sick, most can find medicine to cure themselves.

Conclusion: For novice dog owners, it depends on whether you want to raise a dog in a rural area or in a city. What is the purpose of raising a dog? Native dogs are the most adaptable and have strong resistance, so they are suitable for raising in rural areas; Bichons and Teddy dogs basically do not shed their hair, which can avoid many problems caused by dog ​​hair, so they are more suitable for raising in cities. .