Complete Dog Food for All Breed

Fresh chicken and beef recipe丨added egg powder and spirulina

Raw material composition

Ingredients: fresh chicken (27%), corn, whole wheat flour, brown rice, chicken meal, duck meal, chicken fat, butter, fresh beef (3%), oats, beef bone meal, egg powder (2%), beet Meal, pet feed compound seasoning, gluten powder, frozen beef bones, frozen chicken bones, frozen chicken breasts, yeast hydrolyzate, chicken hydrolyzed powder, duck hydrolyzed powder, spirulina powder (0.5%), honeysuckle (0.3%), Plantain seed, yucca powder.

Additives composition

Additive composition: chondroitin sulfate (0.03%), vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin D₃, vitamin E, yeast selenium, zinc sulfate, choline chloride, amino acid zinc complex, amino acid iron complex, potassium sorbate, Antioxidants, manganese sulfate, fructooligosaccharides, copper sulfate, sodium chloride.

Product ingredient analysis guaranteed value:
Crude protein ≥24%
Coarse ash content≤9.0%
Crude fat ≥10%
Crude fiber ≤5.0%
Total phosphorus ≥0.8%
Water-soluble chloride (calculated as Cl¯) ≥0.45%

Complete Dog Food for All Breed
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