Adult Dog Food 10kg

Adult Dog Food 10kg
Adult Dog Food 10kg
Adult Dog Food 10kg 2
Adult Dog Food 10kg 2

Adult Dog Food 10kg

Brand: Aoless
Packaging: 10 kg/bag
Suitable for: Adult Dog
Flavor: High Calcuim Starter Formular
ODM/OEM Available

•  Super premium puppy food
• Complete diet for all breeds puppies and pregnant/lactating bitches
• Beneficial to growth and maintenance of muscles
• Beneficial to a healthy coat and skin
• Beneficial to a gentle digestion
• Beneficial to a healthy heart, intestines and immune system
• Beneficial to the prevention of allergies
• Beneficial to a good blood fat balance
• Helps to provide an overall good health
• Consistent energy level throughout the day
• Pellet shape helps to reduce plaque and tartar
2 bags/ Carton
Plastic bags, can stand itself
Four side print
Shelf life  >>>>
18 months from the date of production
Storage >>>>
must be stored in dry and cool places

Packing Photo

Adult Dog Food 10kg Packing Photo

Pellet Type and Size

Adult Dog Food 10kg Pellet Type and Size
Crude protein≥18%Muscles, growth maintenance
Crude fat≥10%Energy,fur and skin
Crude Ash≤9.5%Intestines and digestion
Crude fibre≤9.0%Muscles,teeth and bones
Calcium≥0.5%Teeth and bones
Phosphorus≥0.6%Teeth, bones and energy
Moisture≤10%Muscles and fluid balance
Methionine≥0.063%Nerves, teeth, bones 
multiple care for dog growth
Dog Food OEM ODM Factory Manufacturer
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