Premium Adult Dog Food 10kg
Premium Adult Dog Food 10kg
Premium Adult Dog Food 10kg 2
Premium Adult Dog Food 10kg 2

Premium Adult Dog Food 10kg

High Calciuem Low Salt Formula
Packing: 10 kg/bag;
Suitable for working dog
ODM/OEM Available

•  Super premium puppy food
• Complete diet for all breeds puppies and pregnant/lactating bitches
• Beneficial to growth and maintenance of muscles
• Beneficial to a healthy coat and skin
• Beneficial to a gentle digestion
• Beneficial to a healthy heart, intestines and immune system
• Beneficial to the prevention of allergies
• Beneficial to a good blood fat balance
• Helps to provide an overall good health
• Consistent energy level throughout the day
• Pellet shape helps to reduce plaque and tartar
2 bags/ Carton
Plastic bags, can stand itself
Five side print
Shelf life  >>>>
18 months from the date of production
Storage >>>>
must be stored in dry and cool places

Packing Photo

Premium Adult Dog Food 10kg Packing Photo

Pellet Type and Size

Premium Adult Dog Food 10kg Pellet Type and Size
Crude protein≥22%Muscles, growth maintenance
Crude fat≥12%Energy,fur and skin
Crude Ash≤10%Intestines and digestion
Crude fibre≤4.5%Muscles,teeth and bones
Calcium≥1.0%Teeth and bones
Phosphorus≥0.8%Teeth, bones and energy
Moisture≤10%Muscles and fluid balance
Lysine≥1.0%Nerves, teeth, bones 
multiple care for dog growth
Dog Food OEM ODM Factory Manufacturer